What to Do When Love-hate Relationship Happens

couple photo1. Do not hesitate to talk about what you do not like from your couple and block your feelings. This is tantamount to when you and your couple quarreled, if you want to get rid of ya first discussed all the causes until thoroughly. Your relationship is so overwhelming, fix what’s stuck in your hearts let your couple know and try to help solve it, so your relationship will be more enjoyable to live.

2. Make sure, you and your couple want to maintain this relationship. With the same desire to maintain a relationship, you should be able to understand each other and try to make it comfortable. Anything that disturbs your partner’s comfort, change it!

3. Keep romantic relationships. Do not think if you are a couple then you or your couple is no longer be romantic, for example; with little presents or surprises like yesterday’s approach time, affectionate calls to your couple, also sweet words for your couple. Anyway, keep that romance let slowly the hate that you keep will missing away, and your couple was so softened that it can change the nature that you hate from your couple.

This love-hate relationship does not seem like a serious problem in relationships. But, again, if you can “just love”, why should there be hate for your couple, anyway? Do not be forced any problems in the relationship will exist by itself, so do not be contrived-make than be a burden yourself, right?