How To Get Your Ex to Want You Back Without Making PERMANENT Mistakes



Most people are wondering what does it actually take and how long does it take to win an ex back? To get your ex back is not like cramming for an an exam at the last minute hoping to score 100% on the test or standing on a street corner praying to get a dollar because you have a homeless sign on your neck. What I am trying to illustrate is that getting your ex to come back is not based on luck and will not happen on your time, but your ex's time. With that in mind, please first leave "Hope" and "Pity" out of your life and keep the phrase "Tough Love" in your mind in order to get your ex back.


Are you stuck in the bitter circle of trying to figure out his true feelings for you? Do you often get indications that maybe he isn't into you after all? It might be true that men aren't great at expressing their thoughts and feelings but if you always get a negative vibe whenever you are around him then something is wrong for sure.


The second part in a two part series discussing how to get women and find a date by identifying and polishing your natural personality. In this second part, the four "Provider" personalities are discussed in detail.