How to Keep a Man Interested In You - Avoid These Mistakes That Many Women Make



Are you confident that you know how to keep a man interested in you? If you are, that is great. How many of you have mastered the art of getting a man to be interested, but found that his interest begins to fall off after a short while? In other words, how many of you question whether your man's attention has gone somewhere else? Okay, you do not have to admit it, but just be aware and make sure that you avoid these mistakes that many women make that could cause a man to lose interest just as quickly as you gained it.


Next time you're about to head outside, whether it is for groceries, or just going to the mall to pick up some new gear, here's a new "going out" mentality that will significantly propel your inner game attraction to help you attract women effortlessly.


As much as women/girls, when asked, like to give their view on this delicate yet essential topic (i.e. Seduction), are they the most capable to identify the secrets of the attraction mechanisms that govern their mind? Many men and PUAs (Pickup Artist) sincerely doubt (with reasons) that girls are of any help in the matter. But what if there was a new type of woman really able to help, to give you the secret keys to unlock the women's psyche? This type of woman actually exists and is called the Post-Modern Woman. Read on.