How to Let a Female Friend Know How You Feel About Her



If you want you want to let a woman you care about know how you feel, you must read this article immediately. You will discover the secret formula that will let you know how and when you should express your feelings to her. Read it now!


Getting a girls number is the first step to getting to see her again In the old days, when a man wanted to court a chick he might decide to 'write her' or make a formal call. In those days the first thing a gentleman would need is the ladies home address. Imagine asking a girl these days "hey, great to meet you, can I have your address?" Talk about risky. Luckily things are a lot less formal these days. Thank god all you need to ask for these days is her number. What makes it even easier these days is that once you have a girls number, in most cases it's socially accepted to test the waters with a text message before calling.


With over 100 million single adults over the age of 25 and a 85:1 ratio of men to women, there are plenty of opportunities for single women to meet a man. This article reveals the 5 most common reasons why single women have difficulty finding the relationship they desire.