Body Language And The Eyes - Two Ways To Take A Girl Home



The best two ways to get a girl to go home with you are believe it or not in your eyes, and in your body language. Not in what you say. You can say an awful lot by holding the right conversations with a girl. Nothing too deep or serious is a good way to go, but a lot more can be said by the way you hold yourself, and the language you use with your eyes.


Are they after the looks? Or is personality more important? Confidence? Money? A career in journalism? It can be pretty confusing when you've gone out with more than just a few men, but trust me -- it all boils down to three qualities. And that's what we'll be discussing in today's article!


Guys want it, but may not want to risk getting slapped for asking. Girls want it, but have been conditioned by polite society not to ask. It's a conundrum. But how can a woman initiate casual sex when she sees what she wants? The answer may lie within your computer. Venture through this article to see what I mean.