Pets Say an Awful Lot About Someone



So you have reached a stage with a bloke where you can be happy about him coming round the house. This is your fourth date and you have promised that you will cook him dinner, which in some ways is make or break. Because it is after this sort of time that you decide whether you want this to go any further or not. But deep down the guy will most probably be wondering what type of pets you have in your house.


Part one of a two-part series that discusses the 8 personality types that intuitively know how to get women. An overview of all 8 is provided along with a more detailed description of the "Lover" personalities.


Dating is very much similar to the life of a battery. They start of all exciting and powerful, they charge the emotions as a battery charges an appliance. Everything works well in the beginning you go on dates, and you just can't get enough of each other. Sparks fly all over the place and you feel dangerous. This goes on for about a year or so in most cases, although like dating every battery is different, and then your electricity begins to dwindle a little and not everything is quite as glamorous as it used to be.