What to Wear on Your First Date



The mismatched outfits, bad haircuts and poor grooming techniques, can ultimately create labels that can never shake. And when it comes to first dates, unfortunately that can mean the difference between happily ever after and "he/she was just some guy/girl I went out with once".


The need for love and romance, care and nurturing is no different for the large people dating than it is for average sized people. We are all humans with tender hearts who want to belong and feel loved.


Yes, I mean that, and so does she! How to be the man she's always dreamed of and take charge of the relationship in a way that allows her to relax, let go and completely surrender to you emotionally! You can lead the relationship and the woman if you do it right. In fact, she wants you to take the lead in a way that allows her to be open up and be the feminine women she was meant to be.