How to Get Out of the Friend Zone - What's Going Through Her Mind?



So have this great friend, you've known each other for a while now and you pretty much know each other inside out. She's an amazing woman. You have similar interests, you love the same music, you like most of the same people. No one has to tell you how great she is, you already know.


Contrary to what you may be thinking, approaching women isn't something done gracefully by only a gifted few. It is possible to meet women without stumbling over your own feet (or your own tongue). Do you feel that if only you knew how to meet women, the rest would be downhill from there?


Attracting girls requires a few basic understandings about female psychology that are worth learning about if you want to improve your success with women. Women are attracted to men, not boys. This means that any kind of fearfulness, cowardice and weakness is seen as being unattractive and undesirable. The opposite is therefore attractive to the female of the species; fearlessness, courage and strength.