Improve Your Relationship With Your Teenager

Parents today are faced with growing challenges in raising their children and maintaining a solid, successful relationship with those children as they enter their teenage years. Raising a happy teenager who you want to spend time with can be accomplished! It just takes a little more effort and patience than it took when your child was younger and more eager to please you.

This article describes the steps I took to rebuild the relationship between me and my own teenage son. When I finally made the decision that something in my family life absolutely had to change, we were at a point where:

my teenage son took every chance he could to create a negative and upset atmosphere in the house by saying and doing things that underneath he knew would cause problems; and

my husband and I were constantly giving him a hard time for every little mistake or reacting negatively to his provoking behavior/attitude.

It reached the point where I didn’t want to be around my teenager and I’m sure he felt the same about me. Talking to friends about their teens didn’t help to resolve the difficulties with mine. Most of what I heard was that their kid was the same or worse than mine.

This type of dysfunctional relationship is artfully discussed in both The Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the Heart of Conflict and Leadership and Self Deception: Getting Out of the Box by the Arbinger Institute. My son and I had both reached the point where we were stuck in a cycle of blaming, provoking, and justifying our actions and attitudes toward each other. The Arbinger Institute calls it “being in the box” toward each other, and they give constructive ideas on how to get out of that box.

Breaking the Cycle

First, if you feel you’re in crisis with your teenager or you’re overwhelmed by dealing with their emotions and attitude, consult with a good therapist. I’m not one for lifetime therapy sessions, but a good therapist can help you put your situation in perspective and can give you techniques to deal with it.

Here are some of the steps I took to immediately improve the relationship with my son and you can try something similar in your household:

I started taking him out to breakfast one morning every weekend. Just the two of us. During that breakfast, I tried to be as open as possible. No negative commenting on his clothes or table manners (unless he did something as gross as stuffing an entire breakfast sausage in his mouth–which he did). We talked about what he wanted to talk about. At first it was hard. We had forgotten how to have a conversation with each other. But gradually we both opened up and he got some individual attention from me that he’d been lacking.

A few times a week I went to my son’s room to sit on his bed and talk. I took a ruler from his desk, and whichever one of us held the ruler was allowed to talk with no interruptions from the other. The person speaking could say whatever they wanted as long as there was no nastiness or profanity. I of course had plenty to say, and I had to control and limit myself–no blaming him during our talking time! For him, it took several days before he started expressing himself without fear that I would get mad at what he wanted to say.

I remembered the law of “negative attention is better than no attention.” If your child feels they aren’t getting enough attention from you, they very well may act out whether they’re a toddler or a teenager. Once I remembered this, it was so much easier to see what was going on and to catch myself before I reacted to him. I was then able to respond calmly when he tried his best to pick a fight. (Plus, he wasn’t trying as hard to pick fights since we were starting to treat each other with more respect and he was getting more of the attention he wanted.) Just because your child is beginning to look all grown up doesn’t mean that they don’t need some of the comforting and attention that they craved when they were younger.

In just three months, my relationship with my son changed drastically and so did our family life. But that didn’t mean I stopped working on myself. My own behavior that brought me to this crisis with my son had gotten habitual and I had to work to break that habit of just reacting without calming myself.

The things that helped me most to break the habit of reacting were using The Sedona Method ( to help release my negative thoughts and emotions, and reading Your Inner Awakening: The Work of Byron Katie: Four Questions That Will Transform Your Life by Byron Katie. These sources gave me more tools to question my thoughts and emotions so I could keep myself peaceful even when my son tried to shake my patience.

Another important factor in healing our relationship was that I began to accept things as they are with my son rather than wishing they were different and trying to force him to change. For example, my son tends to be immature for his age. Sometimes his immaturity drives me crazy–he wants the privileges of a teenager and then he behaves like a 9-year old. Wanting him to be different in that area caused me pain and caused me to belittle him when he acted in an immature manner (“When are you going to grow up?!”). Now I accept that he’s mentally a little young for his age, and I praise him when he acts in a more mature manner. This boosts his self-esteem and heals our relationship at the same time.

My acceptance of “what is” covers all the areas where before I wanted him to be different such as wanting him to give more attention to his school work or wanting him to have other interests (besides skateboarding and video games)–things that I approved of. By accepting that he’s not always going to be what I want him to be, I can let go of some of the disapproval that I was feeling toward him, and in areas where he might need some changes I can help him in a more supportive and patient manner.

I can’t say that our relationship is perfect now, but we’re much better and I would even say that we like each other again (the love of course never died, it was just buried under all the garbage!). Keeping positive in my relationship with him is still one of my bigger challenges in life. He’s a teenager, full of that need to express himself especially if he feels put upon! Sometimes after a long day, monitoring my reactions to him just drains my energy. But the more I do it, the more it becomes a new habit.

So now when I ask him to empty the dishwasher and he glares at me and complains, I watch what’s going on in my head. I keep myself calm by releasing any thought of annoyance, and I ignore the complaining. Because, as Byron Katie says, no one can attack you unless you let them. My son can’t pick a fight with me unless I let him–and it’s now my job to make sure I don’t react in a way that lets him.

If your relationship with your teenager is less than ideal, changing it may just take an investment of time and a change in your own thought patterns. Try to remember what it was like to be a teenager yourself and think about what you wish your parents had done to try to reach out to you, and then do it for your own child.

Relationship Help For Ladies Stop Overfunctioning And Begin Getting The Love You Wish

The primary four years of my now superb eighteen-year wedding followed the same, not superb, hugely painful pattern all my different relationships had. All the fervour turned to tension and all the fun turned to bickering and then he withdrew. He went cold and got angry.

Suddenly, I spotted I did not feel all that warmly towards him either. He thought I used to be being controlling, and I thought he wasn’t cutting it. We have a tendency to were both right.

Overfunctioning is doing too much. It’s doing additional than your share, stepping in to assist, stepping up to rescue. It’s offering before being asked, giving rather than giving back. It’s making an attempt to manage your life and find things done by playing all the elements in the link — each your part and his.

Overfunctioning may be a deeply unsatisfying thing. Trying to play your man’s half in the link as well as yours (like I did) creates tension and conflict — and even if you could succeed at it, you would not just like the results.

If you switch your man into a puppet you’ll be able to manipulate, you are not going to like him terribly much. You may have clean dishes and no garbage, and a Saturday night date at the restaurant and movie of your selection, but look — your man will be a puppet! Not much fun there.

Thus — do you deserve a red-blooded, real, sturdy minded, secure, responsible, respectable, thoughtful, and caring man? Or do you only deserve a shadow of yourself? Will you allow yourself to be loved by a person who can very love? Or can you merely sign up with a person who makes it one-third the means to you and then expects you to select up the slack?

By invariably selecting up the slack — and I grasp it continually looks like what wants doing is urgent and important — what you get by doing it all yourself is largely your own feeling of resentment. You don’t get the appreciation we tend to all crave — you get coldness, anger, and withdrawal. It looks therefore unfair to place ourselves out, to be useful, and then get what feels like a slap in the face. And however, what we have a tendency to’re very obtaining is that the safe place (unpleasant as it is) of avoiding looking for what our men are really made of.

By invariably cutting to the chase and doing everything ourselves — or directing how it’s done — we place up a wall between ourselves and our men that keeps us from getting what we have a tendency to all say we have a tendency to really wish: The Massive Price tag Items — Love, Affection, Romance, Trust, Harmony, Peace, the flexibility to Negotiate anything. (And I mean anything.)

By continually stepping in, we tend to guarantee that our lives with our men can invariably be regarding the tiny stuff — the nuts and bolts of life, and not the deep, soul-satisfying stuff that we have a tendency to come back together in relationships and marriage to get. If what we have a tendency to want is soul connection, we have a tendency to have to prevent Overfunctioning.

Since childhood, we’ve been labeled, taught, tricked, bribed and prodded, been threatened by all varieties of authority, told what is true and what is not, and disrespected for everything from our feelings to our thoughts. Our relationships have been additional about pleasing others than pleasing ourselves. Additional regarding struggling and using our wits to urge what we tend to need and what we think we have a tendency to want than discovering what it’s we extremely want.

Several people don’t even extremely believe we have a tendency to deserve a great relationship. Well, we tend to do. We tend to all do. And we do not would like to try and do something to deserve it. We simply deserve it. No earning required.

If we tend to will stop doing thus much and stop resenting doing therefore much, our relationship will get better instead of falling apart. Attempt it. What if you actually didn’t have to watch how things are going, didn’t need to ask for everything you want, stopped overseeing the doing of things that are important to you while you have already agreed that it’s his job, and might simply relax and be?

It’s a little scary. Each folks has learned ways in which to keep pain away. And those things we do and say that facilitate keep pain away conjointly shut out love. As soon as we have a tendency to stop doing those things, and love comes in, sometimes we begin to feel things we have a tendency to’ve been avoiding feeling for a terribly long time.

For some of us, feeling loved is caught up with feeling pain. We feel scared to be vulnerable. Typically it takes a whereas to begin to trust ourselves and our boundaries enough to essentially enable ourselves to be vulnerable — and relish each being vulnerable and experiencing the miraculous impact our vulnerability has on our men.

So take it slow. Baby steps is the manner to go. Make a list of all the items you do in the household, on a date, and during a relationship, and pick three things that seem straightforward to let go of. And then stop doing them. Just stop.

It would possibly get a very little messy. At first he could get a small amount bent out of shape that you are not on him, at him, throwing love and a spotlight at him or doing for him repeatedly — however secretly, he’ll begin feeling seriously higher regarding your relationship. And you will feel seriously better, too, when he starts giving you (while not you’re even asking) what you really wish — attention, affection, sweetness, the doing of household chores.

Remember, it’s regarding the Huge Price ticket items. Affection. Nice sex. Harmony. Having the ability to negotiate. Fun. Peace. Trust. Emotional safety.

Keep your eye on the prize: Stop giving all of your energy to managing your man and everything in your daily lives, and start using it to love yourself first.

Broken Relationship Heartbreak Hell – Reverse Your Break Up In Three Straightforward Steps

It appears like in todays society relationships go from one extreme to another. Either nobody bothers to work on their relationship and that they let it simply slip away, or they become obsessive and generally dangerous. Finding broken relationship help is easy. Following it, not thus much.

Before you begin making an attempt to put your relationship back along this may be a smart time to really, and honestly, decide if the relationship ought to really be saved. Let’s face it, not all relationships ought to continue.
If you decide after careful soul searching that your relationship is price saving than you’ll use the following 3 steps to assist fix your love life and obtain your relationship back on track:
one) Be honest. Be brutally honest with yourself. This is the hardest thing you will do. It’s not straightforward to admit to yourself that you just were wrong. Whether or not you were wrong concerning the manner you handled things in your relationship otherwise you were wrong concerning the worth of the relationship itself you’ve got to take stock before you’ll be able to move forward.

Once you’ve got honestly evaluated your relationship and your half within the deterioration of it you’ll decide if you’re ready and willing to form the changes needed to form the link work. Once more, this can be the time for brutal honesty. If you actually don’t suppose you care enough to figure on fixing the problems, both yours personally and the connection problems in general, than its’ time to chop your losses and move on.

two) Talk. Honest communication seems to be so troublesome for a ton of people today. That’s one in every of the most vital skills you’ll be able to learn if you would like to have a loving relationship. Bear in mind though, it takes two. Even if you are capable of getting an honest, open, and adult conversation, if your partner isn’t than there’s nothing you’ll be able to do.

three) Be prepared to sincerely apologize for your mistakes and your part within the deterioration of the relationship. The 2 of you have got to be able to figure together and that means accepting responsibility for your mistakes. If you or your partner is unable or unwilling to admit fault and apologize than the hurts and resentments can still mount and it can be terribly difficult to save lots of your relationship.

By dedicating yourself to following this broken relationship help along with your partner you have a very sensible probability of having the kind of honest, respectful and loving relationship you actually want. Simply be certain that its’ what your partner wants too.

How To Save A Relationship After A Break Up The Very First Thing You Must Immediately Do

relationship photoAre you wondering how to save a relationship after a break up. Well, if you want to get your ex back, the very first thing you must do is to probably something you do not wish to do now. And that is to cut off contact with your ex.


Well, I know this is not an easy thing to do. You will probably feel hurt about doing that and to a certain extent, your ex may feel hurt as well.

However, for the sake of the long term, it may be worthwhile doing that.

First, you are simply too emotional now to be able to effectively win back your ex. With such an emotional state of mind, it is easy for you to do silly things that will push your ex away. You need this time to recover from your broken heart.

Second, cutting off contact with your ex will not give your ex the chance to used you. What do I mean by that? Well, your ex may not want to get back with you, yet is still willing to go out with you.

They are getting the best ofboth world. They can choose not to get back with you yet still get the attention and concern you shower them with.

But cutting off contact with your ex and playing the disappearing act, you are sort of telling your ex that the only way they can get your care and concern is to be your boyfriend/girlfriemd,, not just friends.

The third reason is to allow your ex to miss you. This is also a great way to create a bit of mystery around you. You want your ex to wonder what you have been up to.

Christian Relationships Tips For A Blessed Relationship

Do you would like to have a relationship that is guided by the blessing of God? Do you wish to have a contented and successful Christian relationship that different couples have? Do you want to use the values thought by the bible in building your relationship’s foundation?
Good christian relationships pursue a path that’s lighted by God’s teachings. It will still aim for a happy and successful relationship while not forgetting the christian values. Experiencing the relationship that you have perpetually prayed for would bring great happiness and success in your life. It can strengthen your religion in God and encourage others to seek for a meaningful Christian relationship rather than just look for temporary pleasure or simply play with somebody’s feelings.
The following tips are the key in attaining Christian relationships that are truly showered with God’s love and guidance:
Tip one: Create God as your Relationship’s Inspiration: In Christian relationships, putting God on the core of their foundation gives the enlightenment and strength required in facing numerous trials. When you choose the trail of God when having a relationship with the person you’re keen on, you may have a relationship that can’t be easily shattered by temptations and negative surroundings. A relationship that is being guided by God can continually see through the dark section that it will encounter on its itinerary.
Tip a pair of: Value Religion in your Relationship: One among the various vital teachings applied in Christian relationships is faith. When you believe in every other’s love, you do not simply provide up on the various pressures that ruin several relationships. It enables you to possess a positive outlook in your relationship; so, permitting you to focus in motivating each alternative to aim for the best. Understanding the true meaning of religion and making it a part of your relationship prevents you and your partner from giving into wrong doings that will inflict pain in every other’s heart.
Tip three: Create Honesty a Must in your Relationship: Another virtue that creates Christian relationships successful is honesty. Basing your relationship in the purity of love and intentions can facilitate you have got a relationship with deep and robust connection. It offers you a transparent idea of the road that you’re leading into together together with your partner. It does not offer any space for emptiness and disappointment that several untruthful couples have in their relationships. After you apply honesty, you’ll be confident that your love and relationship will stand the test of time.
Tip 4: Give an Unconditional Love: Just like God’s unconditional love for his kids, unconditional love should be gift in all Christian relationships. You ought to give the love and affection required by your partner while not any condition. You ought to accept and treasure the qualities that your partner possesses. You ought to invariably stand by your partner’s side to motivate him and to offer him strength especially when your relationship is facing a powerful situation. When you have an unconditional love for your partner, your relationship will still grow and become successful.

How To Have A Successful Cross-cultural Relationship With A Russian Bride

How to have a successful Cross-Cultural Relationship with a Russian bride
Cross-Cultural relationships can be very rewarding, but at the same time they represent a challenge to most couples. Here are a few tips to help you overcome the most common pitfalls in a Cross-cultural romance.
1.The Language Barrier
The language barrier can cause some very simple misunderstandings when a couple do not share the same native language, sometimes early in a Romance this may lead to some friction, but if both partners are patient and make an effort to understand that no harm is meant with any misunderstandings.
If you are serious to have a long term relationship with a Russian women then it is a good idea to learn your partners native language, of course you do not need to be fluent but even a few lessons and a home study course can be very helpful. Russian women are usually fluent in English, so you making an effort to learn her language can be very rewarding and will show you are committed to making the relationship work.
Role Expectations
In every culture there are different expectations about the role of men and women. Many men would of heard that Russian brides are very traditional compared to Western women, this belief is one reason why so many men search for Russian brides. However Russian women have their own views about a mans role in a relationship, some of these views some men may not be expecting. In a cross-cultural relationship it is very important to understand each others expectations and if necessary make compromises.
Religious Differences
Men and women from different cultures will often have very different views and beliefs on religion and politics. It is very important when political or religious views clash to come to a compromise, neither man or women should be expected to abandon their own views.

When you are searching for a partner from a different culture it is important to have patience, and be able to compromise, if you can do this you have every chance of having a successful Cross-cultural relationship.

Best of luck in your searches.

Sure Fire Examples To Make A Pleasant Relationship

Many people long to make sure that their marriage is one that lasts. And you can harness that love and spark, your days are filled with joy. We all wish that the keys to a wonderful marriage were handed down from one generation to the next, but it seldom is. Since the majority of people are not taught well how to be at peace in a marriage, we need guidance to help us craft our marriages the right way.

Keep the flame alive with Date Nights. In every relationship you must take time to be near each other and take time where it is only you two interacting. This time should be about the two of you reconnecting and talking to each other.

Connecting to your mate: Although we must give our mate space we must also have times where we connect. This is the reason why creating intimacy is important even from the start. How to create intimacy is something that each and every person involved in a relationship should know how to do, for creating intimacy is the foundation that would forge the connection between two people n a relationship more strongly than ever.

Settling an argument:: Actively seek ways to find a compromise and forgive each other for your mistakes. Actively forget sometimes. Seek peace in your marriage and you will find it. Start right now!

Do not forget that the love quotes that many of us all examine need to be an inspiration and not a indictment. We all want a relationship that endures just like we discover inside the quotes about love. Nonetheless that passion is one that is definitely procured rather than just transferred to us.

Having fun together: having fun together can often be overlooked but is so important. Do things like taking long walks or going to the movies together in order to reach a level of enjoyment with each other. Or head to a local rental shop and rent an Xbox or other game player and some games.

Learn to fight fair: No couple can escape arguments. Always be careful to fight in such a way that maintains the dignity of the other person. You don’t have to agree on everything. It is okay to fight, just fight fair and with respect.

Being honest: As you walk through life with your spouse you will see how tiny things can come between you and your mate. Being honest about it can deflate a situation before it becomes too big. So always be honest in a relationship.

Memories: Make some together. It is the simple things that can make a marriage great. No need to be elaborate. Creating that time to see and enjoy the simple things makes a relationship strong. The next year, you might schedule time to watch it again. Make the fun things in your life annual dates. Buy little items of your fun outings to that you will create lasting memories of all your fun times.

It is vital to both partners that each person actively listens to the other person to truly understand them. Tackling life as a team to one of the many joys of being in a relationship. That is why we need to understand that dreaming together is vital to a growing relationship. But we must be critical as the other shares their dreams.

Start now with these simple ideas to keep your relationship with your special person longer. Most important of all, couples can happily stay together as they understand and complete each other.

What to Do When Love-hate Relationship Happens

couple photo1. Do not hesitate to talk about what you do not like from your couple and block your feelings. This is tantamount to when you and your couple quarreled, if you want to get rid of ya first discussed all the causes until thoroughly. Your relationship is so overwhelming, fix what’s stuck in your hearts let your couple know and try to help solve it, so your relationship will be more enjoyable to live.

2. Make sure, you and your couple want to maintain this relationship. With the same desire to maintain a relationship, you should be able to understand each other and try to make it comfortable. Anything that disturbs your partner’s comfort, change it!

3. Keep romantic relationships. Do not think if you are a couple then you or your couple is no longer be romantic, for example; with little presents or surprises like yesterday’s approach time, affectionate calls to your couple, also sweet words for your couple. Anyway, keep that romance let slowly the hate that you keep will missing away, and your couple was so softened that it can change the nature that you hate from your couple.

This love-hate relationship does not seem like a serious problem in relationships. But, again, if you can “just love”, why should there be hate for your couple, anyway? Do not be forced any problems in the relationship will exist by itself, so do not be contrived-make than be a burden yourself, right?

When Love-Hate Relationship With Boyfriend Not Always Funny

love rellationship photoLove-hate relationship is indeed funny-funny. You know you love your boyfriend, but there are also one or two things about him that you really do not like and often irritate you. Well, deep down you know you do not accept, but your affection for him always gives strength to understand. That’s her name, love-hate relationshiop aka hate relationship but love with your boyfriend, girls.

On the one hand, yes it can be spelled funny also love-hate relationship it’s. It is as if you show that your love to him is so strong that it can overcome the annoyance that is also aimed at him for something. But the truth is, love-hate relationship is not as funny as it seems. Behind the cuteness that appears, there are complex problems that start to wake up little by little.

Your hatred for one thing from him is not lost with your affection for him. If you survive this far, it’s because you happen to always be able to just mendopolize it. But there are times when you get annoyed because of what you hate, right?

If you plan on having a long-term relationship with him, the hate is not left there. What’s with love-hate love-hate if love love your relationship can be happier?