Relationship-building Activities

The list below is intended to stimulate your own thinking about relationship building. Some of these ideas will work for you while others will not seem appropriate. Stick with what feels right.

You will also note that many of the items on the list below have nothing to do with business. While business relationships can be built on purely business interests, personal connections are likely to build stronger bonds.

1. Send notes of congratulations. If you get in the habit of reading industry publications, you will become more aware of what your clients are doing.

2. Help someone’s family member with a job search. If job notices come across your desk, forward them to people who might be interested. Introduce the family member to a client of yours. Even if the client does not have a job for the individual, they can help the individual by providing contacts and other useful information about their industry.

3. Refer business to them. One of the best ways to generate business referrals is to make referrals yourself. Be sure that the referrals you make are “quality” referrals (quality as defined by the person who is getting the referral).

4. Introduce them to someone who can solve a problem they have. Perhaps they need a good computer consultant to help set up an office network or a good plumber to unclog their sewage line at home. Either way, referring good vendors to your contacts shows that you are resourceful.

5. Introduce them to someone who you think they should meet. Perhaps you know an accountant who does work for a company they are courting. The accountant can give them useful background information about the company. Maybe you know someone who has dealt with a similar business issue and might be willing to share his or her experience.

6. Participate in a charitable cause.

7. E-mail an article to them. Keep track of people’s interests in an electronic contact manager so you can match articles with people’s interests. Many online publications make it very easy for you to forward articles by e-mail. If you take the time to track people’s interests in your contact manager, you are more likely to remember that person when something of interest does come across your desk or your computer desktop.

8. Invite their comments on an article you are writing. If it makes sense, ask several people for feedback. You will end up with a better article and by asking, you will be communicating that you value their opinion.

9. Invite them to a sporting event. Make sure it is a sport that you like and a sport that the prospect likes.

10. Do great work for clients and celebrate any victories.

11. Send holiday gifts. When possible, try to make the gift personal or at least choose something you think the individual would like.

12. Invite them to a reception at your firm or ask them if they want to join you at someone else’s reception.

13. Ask about their spouse and children. A wedding ring is a good clue that they are married. If it feels appropriate, ask them what their spouse does. If you happen to be in their office, ask if the pictures on the walls are their kids.

14. Go on a dog walk together.

15. Lend them a book you enjoyed.

16. Co-author an article with them.

17. Invite them to participate on a panel with you.

18. Establish a common connection. Same school, town, common professional or personal contacts

19. Teach them something about a non-legal subject that you know something about (e.g., how to use a piece of office technology; good places to vacation in Ireland; how to find a reputable dog breeder).

20. Write a personal note on any form letters you send out.

21. Plan an activity with your children (if they have children the same age).

22. Send acknowledgments if you see that they are mentioned in the press.

23. Send congratulations on significant life events (e.g., births, weddings).

24. Send condolence cards when you learn about a death in their family. Most people will really appreciate this. It is unlikely that you would offend someone.

25. Recommend a good movie, book, play or other cultural activity.

26. Introduce them to a hobby or activity that you are passionate about.

27. Recruit them to participate in a nonprofit cause that interests you (make sure they seem genuinely interested).

28. Go out and celebrate with the client after settling a big case or closing a big deal.

29. Take the time to learn about their interests.

30. Mention their name as a source to a reporter.

31. Send them a brochure for a seminar that might interest them.

32. Tell them about a website that might be helpful or interesting to them.

33. Respond to business announcements they send out. People generally appreciate feedback after they send out a mailing, particularly if it is marketing literature. If you liked something about the mailing, let them know.

34. Send back comments about an article they have sent to you.

35. Follow up on a referral you made and ask how it turned out. If you think the person you referred actually followed up

36. Let them know about your significant life events.

37. Call the person you gave a referral to and ask them if the individual or company was able to help them.

38. Thank them for referrals and thank them again if the referral hires or does business with you (or keep them posted).

39. Invite them to your dance, piano or choral recital or the opening of your photography exhibit.

40. If a family member of theirs is sick, call to ask how the family member is doing.

41. Pay a condolence call if a parent dies and/or attend the funeral.

42. Come to their functions when they invite you.

43. Put all of your time on your bills and show a discount (or indicate “no charge” for certain activities).

44. Call or write to send compliments about something good you’ve seen or read about the company/client.

45. Start a discussion by e-mail about a common interest (e.g., politics, sports).

46. Attend a presentation that the contact makes and send a note or a comment about the presentation.

47. Find out what organizations they are involved in and join one that interests you.

If you make a point of trying to be helpful to the professionals in your network, your relationships will grow. Whether you use any of the suggestions above or find other ways to connect, relationship building will lead to business if you stick with it over a long period of time.

How Snoring Influence A Relationship

A spouse’s snoring can affect even the strongest of relationships. This is due to the sleep deprivation that either both spouses or one spouse experiences, which in turn causes that non-snoring spouse to become annoyed, irritated, and even resentful.

Research have shown that over half of the couples who participated agree that the majority of arguments can be traced back to one spouse’s snoring problem. These same studies found that most of those couples are sleeping in separate rooms, which can have a vast negative impact on their marriage. Some spouses even confessed that the snoring problem become so bad that they contemplated divorce.

Those couples that end up sleeping in separate rooms often find more than just the lack of intimacy missing within their relationship. The snorer often ends up feeling isolated and frustrated about a problem that they feel they have no control over. The couple’s relationship ends up breaking down outside of the bedroom their day to day lives become affected. Their performance at work can become poor, which in turn may lead to the loss of that job resulting in stress from financial problems. This is also compounded by the stress that both spouses are feeling physically from the lack of sleep they’re experiencing.

There is hope though, if their relationship is strong and both are willing to work together, they will be able to get past this hurtle. However, they need to be supportive of one another and be willing to do what it takes for both of them to be happy.

There are some things to try before seeing a doctor. There is a wealth of home remedies that could easily become the cure that saves their relationship, some of which are:

-Nasal strips that help to open the nasal passage
-The new stop snoring nasal delivery system from Asonor. Clinically proven and easy to use.
-Refraining from eating anything three hours before going to sleep.
-Drinking alcohol has an effect on the body that relaxes the muscles, including those of the nose and throat, which in turn narrows the air passage ways and causes snoring, so it’s best to avoid it before going to bed.

There are many things you can do at home that will hopefully ease tensions within a couple’s relationship. However, be aware that there might be an underlying larger health problem that might be the cause of the snoring. By testing home remedies, one can be sure if the snoring is not due to a larger cause if they end up not working.

Snoring can be a huge problem within a relationship if the couple isn’t willing to compromise and work together. However, snoring can put a strain on any relationship just remember why you are in the relationship in the first place and that your partner wants to do what they can to have both of you in the same bed again. Read more on

How To Cope With Depression From Being In A Long Distance Relationship

Th key t overcoming th depression nd being bl t stay happy nd joy filled nd still enhance th relationship, thr r m simple things u n do. It does nt matter tht u r n longer distance relationship, long u continue t communicate often, u do little things fr each thr t enhance th feeling f connection, b active whn u r rt t feel less lonely wand depressed, nd have plan n whn u r going t see each thr next.

Communicate Often

One f th ways t ensure u dn’t get depressed during long distance relationship t ensure tht u r communicating often. Learn wht works best fr bth f u. Sm people love th phone, others hate t. Sm enjoy texting, It dn’t matter wht u u fr communicating, just communicate. And u m f th amazing technology ut thr t enhance th communication. Each get s Skype account u n see each thr u r talking. Thr r lot f great ways t see nd hear each thr even vr long distances, u thm t ur advantage nd have fun.

Do little things

Anthr great secret t cope wth th depression f long distance relationship t do th little things. Whn u r person u huld b doing simple little things like bringing home flowers, t. Yu n still do th same things whn u r n long distance relationship. Thr basically no limit t wht u n find t b delivered nwhr u want, b t flowers, candy, jewelry t. And dn’t b afraid t go little ld school. Write hand written love letters nd send thm n random basis. Or take th pictures u have nd turn thm into book using one f th fun online sites tht wll create single books. Just keep n mind wht u love but th thr person nd find wonderful ways t remind thm f th feeling th give u.

B active

Smtm whn u r nt wth ur loved one u n have th tendency t want t sit rund nd mope. Yu start thinking, f I nt b wth th one I love wh huld I do nthng. Th th exact wrong attitude t take. Since u r n long distance relationship, u th time u wuld have spent wth ur loved one t do thr things. It n b hanging ut wth friends, getting n shape, t. It n l b th perfect time t learn mthng new tht wll enhance ur relationship. Learn t play th piano, r th guitar, r learn t dance, t. Yu wll b thinking f ur loved one whl staying busy nd enhancing th time u r together ll t th same time.

Plan th next get together

And th final secret t ensuring tht u cope wth th depression f long distance relationships t know whn th distance part going t nd. It less important how long t wll b untl u r together next nd more important tht u know tht u wll b together again. S choose date n th future nd pan fr t. Make sure u bth put t n ur calendars nd book ll th needed flights, t. If u nd u seeing each thr bfr th planned date thn even better, but t lt u know u wll see each thr. It helps.

Yu n nd wll survive th challenges f long distance relationship. Yu wll feel down t times, but long u keep communicating, keep doing th little things, stay active nd know th next time u r going t see each thr, thn ll wll b fine.

The Difference Between A Rebound Relationship And True Love

Quite a good number of people who break up soon form new relationships, and some of them believe that they have found new love. Is rebound relationship the same as real love? If it is not then why does it feel just as if you in love? How can you differentiate it from real love then? You may be interested in determining the truth whether it is you or your ex who is going through such an experience. The question is challenging due to the fact that there is plenty of grey area.

The motives, not the feelings

There are a number of reasons that may make a rebound relationship feel like love. A rebound relationship is full of intense emotions, just as what you would normally experience when you are really in love. This means that in order to determine the difference between a rebound relationship and true love, you will need to look elsewhere apart from the emotions.

Your emotions may be quite intense. However, are you ready to go ahead and immerse yourself entirely into this new relationship? The answer to this question is what is more important. Yet it may take quite some time before you even know the real answer yourself.

Many rebound relationships come to an end when the partner from a broken relationship decides that it is not yet time to move on. That is when the intense emotions begin to wane.

However, not all relationships that are established after a break-up fall apart. This means that not all such associations are mere rebound relationships. In order to determine the truth, you should seriously ask yourself whether you are ready to commit to that new person.

How long should you wait before getting into another relationship?

After you have broken up with your ex, you may not be interested in just a rebound relationship. In such a case, is there a suitable period of time that should elapse before you start dating once more?

Unfortunately, the answer is not as clear cut as you would like. People are different, and respond in different ways. However, there is basically a period in which it is too soon to get into another relationship. Going right from your break-up to a new relationship is more likely to end in a rebound relationship.

The feelings will be very much like in true love, and this is what makes rebound relationships quite damaging. When you later realize that you are not ready to move on with the new relationship after all, it can be devastating.

This means that the difference between a rebound relationship and true love is in your commitment, not your feelings.

The Way To Save Your Broken Relationship – By Doing Specifically What Your Ex Is Doing!

The most vital factor to keep in mind when trying to induce your ex back/saving your relationship is this: You was a challenge to your ex. Whether or not or not you were the one in the relationship with the very best maintenance or not does not matter – everyone who is in an exceedingly relationship are a challenge at some level, and it’s this challenge that makes the sparks necessary to stay a relationship going.
There can be no attraction where there is no friction, and if you’re like most of us, the furthest thing from your mind right currently is to try to make friction between you and your ex! As a matter of fact, you’re most likely playing it terribly safe at the present. And therein lies the problem.
Why? As a result of that makes you a non-challenge to your ex. That’s bad as a result of your ex partner is very well aware that if they ask you to come back back, you will be back in a very second. For all effective functions, you are wrapped around their finger – you have got no hand in it. Yet.
Your job is to become a challenge again, by showing your ex that she/he isn’t any more answerable over the destiny of your relationship than when you were together.
Perhaps you’ve bought her/him flowers. Or gifts. Or perhaps you have got been acting uncharacteristically nice, to make your ex “see what they are missing”.
The signal you are sending out is a little something like “I am fully lost while not you”. The signal your ex is choosing up is more like “I am completely lost – period”. As you know, no one but nobody is interested in that. You’re essentially telling your ex that you’ve got low value.
You may solely regain their respect when you stop giving for free your power. The great news is that you’ll do that by not communicating directly with him/her – you create yourself exclusive. Suppose about it – this is often precisely what your ex is doing, and I’m positive you’ve got noticed the effect it’s on you.
Don’t call your ex, don’t Facebook, don’t text, don’t e-mail or anything else. If he/she tries to urge in bit with you, for currently, respond with silence. If you’re contacted once more and asked why you haven’t responded, tell him/her that you’re taking a while to figure on yourself. If she/he pushes the difficulty, say that you just’d rather not speak about it right now. It can drive them nuts. Of course, don’t forget to politely answer any other questions they need – you are doing not need to come off rude or insensitive.
Be sure to stay to your no communication rule right now. Attempting to be his/her friend right currently is that the quickest manner to ruin any possibilities you have got of reconciliation. Doing this can truly build your ex feel sensible concerning breaking apart, because it sends the signal that “well, they still need to be friends, therefore this should are the proper decision.”

Improve Your Familial Relationship

When your familial unit is suffering, it can be a hard thing to go through; however, it does not have to be like that. You can change the dynamics of your household relationships all by seeking help from a competent counselor to help you deal with any issues that come up. By seeking out a family therapist in NJ, you will able to improve the relationship you have with your spouse and children. There are many things that you can do in counseling and some of those things are:

Talk About Your Marriage

Even the best marriage sometimes has its hiccups. That is why you need to find a skilled counselor to speak with about whatever problems might have arisen in your marital partnership. Alternatively, even if everything is going well, you can still see a family therapist in NJ to get the proverbial marriage tune-up. It is a good idea and can help even the strongest marriage strengthen its roots. Unions need to be worked on continuously in order to stay at their peak level just like any other relationship you may have.

Develop New Coping Skills

Another key ability that you can gain, from attending counseling with your spouse and any children you may have, is new coping skills. If you are having trouble at work and not sure how to deal with it, you can speak with a professional who has experience in manners like that. The professional will be able to give you advice on how to deal with or cope with your situation without trying to run from it. This will allow you to become more capable of living in this society and dealing with difficult people.

Free Yourself From Stress

Stress is a number one killer of Americans. Heart disease, obesity, smoking and many of the ills of society can be traced back to overwhelming amounts of stress. This is why it will be a great idea to speak with a licensed professional about the different things that are stressors for you. Relieving your stressors will assist you to be happy, joyous, and free from the burdens of life that come with all the hustle and bustle that we needlessly put ourselves into on a daily basis. By having someone educated and well informed about how to relieve stress, you will no doubt feel better and live longer which, will ultimately help you to achieve all of your goals.

Fixing A Broken Love Relationship Repair Questions

Are you in dire need of the knowledge of Fixing A Broken Love with Relationship Repair Questions.If you wish to repair your relationship, you have to address the correct questions. Mending your relationship can be difficult at any time, hence the requirement for correct questions:repairing relationships is hard in any situation therefore posing correct questions is essential, the info from postulating the questions provides the material for the mending process.

It is not a straightforward action to accomplish. Many of us will not pose the questions irrespective of difficulties. This happens as human beings naturally shy away from these dilemmas.

However these difficulties will not mend on their own. You need to make the effort to mend them, not wait for your ex to magically come around. You are the one who has realized there is a problem, and this means that you have to be the one to do the work to repair it. Its tough but you the one responsible.

This leads us to the questions. Questions regarding your relationship are difficult however the results of them are valuable. Gaining the info is the hard graft you need to put in to reconnect yourself with your partner. The details that will assist you on the road to Fixing A Broken Love .

Question One: What Do You Desire?

Address this question to not only your self but you partner also. You need to ask yourself because you need to be able to know and articulate what it is you wish from your relationship. You need to ask them so that you know that the things you desire from the relationship are, if not the same, then at least compatible.

Question 2: What is it You Are Not Happy With?

This is another question designed to get you looking at how the two of you view your relationship. If you both view different times in your relationship as the best times, this will give you a very strong indication of where things went wrong, which is the point of these questions. Relationship is based on knowing what these questions will tell you.

Question Three: What Don’t You Like?

As before, address this question to both of you. In this department it is especially important to avoid blaming your partner or to get emotionally distressed. You might need to make a thorough list of your respective grievances as this information could prove vital.

Fourth Question? Where are You Going?

The reasoning behind this question is to determine what ideas you both have concerning the relationship and its future. In the absence of this information it would be difficult to know where you stand. If it is the case that the other person in the has given up on the relationship you must be aware of that fact.

The reason for going through all these questions is to determine the truth. Fixing A Broken Love will be much easier when you have this information, because it will give a road-map of the problems you need to resolve to have a stronger relationship. However this is just the start, you must pursue the valuable information to completely solve these problems. However by employing the above strategy you have made the first all important steps to discovering how to start Fixing A Broken Love.

The Relationship Linking Quit Smoking Hypnosis And Long Term Smoking Cessation

Is your very own determination not solid enough to make you stop cigarette smoking? There may be other cigarette smoking alternatives including e-cigarettes or gum, but most people are still unable to quit smoking cigarettes. A huge number of people who smoke find it difficult to stop smoking cigarettes because they have gone too addicted to it. There are those who successfully quit smoking, yet they will get to a particular extent where their urges for a cigarette smoke is too tempting to resist. There are a lot of cigarette smokers in existence, so do not assume that you are alone. Just heed on to this article and start living your life once again.

One could have heard about something called smoking hypnosis. To the extent, the thought of hypnosis is oftentimes misinterpreted by the press. This is why many people won’t even dare to try hypnosis. Nevertheless, smokers must realize how helpful hypnosis is in realizing fast improvements to their lives. In order to promote change in the usual habits of a smoker, hypnosis uses and controls a person’s mind.

Hypnosis functions by developing a line of communication in one part of the mind which is subconscious. By doing this, a certain cigarette smoker is proactive in developing improvements instantly. So once a chain smoker experiences smoking hypnotherapy, the person’s thoughts can be fixed to make smoking cessation much easier. It is not to say that it works for everyone, yet reports have proven it to be effective 92% of the moment when carried out correctly. Furthermore, hypnosis is found to be less potent in smokers with mental health concerns. The most vital thing of all, the hypnosis simply works if the person allows to be hypnotized.

Stop smoking hypnotherapy doesn’t brainwashing nor control the minds of smokers; the typical misunderstanding of many individuals is that this therapy does. Hypnosis can’t push you to do something against your will; so you have to unwind and also focus on the hypnotist’s words. It’s natural for almost all individuals to fall asleep in the middle of the therapy. Being conscious or asleep does not influence the effects of hypnosis. Other effects of quit smoking hypnotherapy is being relaxed and also feeling energized soon after the therapy session. Right after the session, people who participated can still drive or do their normal daily routines since it doesn’t have any side effects. There is nothing to worry about hypnosis because it is natural; and it is assured safe for everyone. It’s often recommended by medical professionals to try hypnosis for smoking cessation. Keep in mind that no one has ever been harmed making use of hypnosis.

For the last two decades, hypnosis have had a few alterations ever since it was first used a century ago. With the use of brainwave monitoring equipment, a large number of scientific tests have been done in the attempt to find out the way it really works. During a hypnosis session, researches proved that a person’s conscious brainwave activity will be lowered. This is the reason precisely why someone feels relaxed after. Smokers will have a different perception about smoking because of the decrease of brainwave activities. Until today, you may still find more details with regards to hypnosis that are yet to be found. Lastly, hypnotist no longer make use of the ridiculous pendulum trick any longer, they make use of hard scientific facts in hypnosis rather.

What To Do When Your Relationships Have No Depth

The other day I was talking to an acquaintance that I’ve known for over 15 years. The conversation was cordial, as usual. But it was pretty much a surface conversation. You would think that after knowing each other for so long our conversations would have some depth to them. But they never have.

Don’t get me wrong. I have great respect for this person. And I don’t expect all my relationships to be deep. But for some reason, our relationship has never gone beyond shallow conversation. No matter what I do to encourage deeper communication, there seems to be something there that just doesn’t let it grow.

Have you ever known anyone like this? Perhaps it describes you. If you’re not a deep person and really like to keep things light, most of your relationships may be like this. You may enjoy small talk. And you may not want to have deep relationships.

Let’s face it. There seems to be a lot of safety in shallow relationships. After all, you never have to be vulnerable. You never have to reveal who you really are. And you never have to worry about other people betraying who you are. As unreliable as most people seem to be today, this sounds like the perfect place to be.

But it’s not. Deep inside each of us is a desire to have rich, fulfilling relationships. Ephesians 4 tells us that all believers in Christ are part of His body and we have a role within that body. Our role is to equip the saints and to build up the body. And the goal for our work is to labor for the body to attain maturity (verses 12-13).

The Greek word used in verse 13 for maturity actually means “complete,” and, according to Strong’s Concordance, it refers to “various applications of labor, growth, mental and moral character, etc.” In other words, every part of the body must be complete, whether you’re talking about your mind, will, and emotions, or your works and labors. All of us must strive toward maturity.

When we remain shallow, we withhold parts of our own life from being completed. We hide it. We leave them to lurk in the shadows, where no growth can occur. And where growth doesn’t take place, death is close behind.

I believe Judas was just such a man. He never really grasped what Jesus was about. When the expensive perfume was poured on Christ’s feet, he completely missed the depth of love the woman had for Christ. The gift showed her vulnerability. It showed her deep devotion to Jesus. But Judas wanted the money to give to the poor — a noble pursuit, but it showed his lack of depth in relationships.

And, ironically, his shallowness led to betrayal and death. While so many try to protect themselves from others by keeping things shallow, they actually set themselves up to betray others or to be betrayed themselves.

Real safety lies in deep, rich relationships. No, they won’t completely protect you in this life. People still make mistakes — even those we love dearly. But the deeper your relationships go (beginning with Christ), the more joy you’ll experience in your time on earth. And you’ll lay up treasures in heaven as well. After all, the only thing you can take to heaven with you is your relationship with Christ and your relationships with other believers.

Remember, the goal is to help the body of Christ attain maturity. Like the farmer who toils over his crops, it takes work and effort. You have to be available to do the work. You have to pursue others. And you have to water the relationships regularly. A patient farmer who works hard will have a tremendous harvest. But a passive farmer rarely sees success.

How To Save A Relationship With Your Boyfriend

Perhaps you have been asking for help how to save a relationship with your boyfriend and you are wondering whether this is really possible. First of all, you should understand that there are very many women who are asking the same question. These are couples whose relationships are either at the brink of collapse or have completely broken up. It is indeed possible to save your relationship so long as you follow certain rules. Let us take a look at some of the pertinent issues.

Develop a positive outlook

Being positive is very important for success in different areas of your life. This does not mean that you will hold unrealistic thoughts, where you picture a world without any problems. When you want to know “how to save a relationship”, having a positive outlook has quite a great impact. When you think positively, you will have high hopes and feel much better.

Having a positive outlook will also help you in your association with other people. You cannot have such an attitude and it remains held within you such that other people do not notice it. People will tend to like your company when you look at the brighter side, and you will manage to draw your partner as well.

Adjust the expectations you have

You may get into a relationship with a guy with very high expectations, which will make you demand from him what is not humanly possible to achieve. This is a sure way of building disappointment and frustration in your relationship.

If you need help saving your relationship with your boyfriend, you will need to take a close look at your expectations and adjust them accordingly. In addition, you should not assume that your boyfriend is some kind of mind reader. Clearly spell out to him what your expectations are. However realistic your expectations are, you should not expect your partner to meet them when they are not known in the first place.

Forget the past and focus on the future

One of the major things that can stop you from realizing your desire to save your relationship is to keep thinking about the past. If you keep reminding yourself of the painful experiences you have had with a partner, how do you expect to move on happily with your lives? This is something that is bound to keep bringing ‘bad blood’ between you and your partner.

One of the best ways is to focus on the future instead. Learn from the previous mistakes and then move on without clinging to the resentment. Otherwise you may find yourself sitting on a time bomb.

To save your relationship you need to think of the appropriate methods to make the life ahead of you better by developing a stronger relationship with your boyfriend. If you do not let go of the past, you will finally break down and your relationship will break up.