How To Keep The Fire Alive In A Romantic Relationship

Is it possible to keep the spark, the fire, the passion alive in a relationship for 5, 10, even 20 years? Most people have experienced romantic spark dying off sometime in their lives. The relationship starts off hot and passionate, but in a few months or years becomes monotonous.

How do you prevent that from happening? How do you keep the fire alive in a relationship, even after you’ve been together for a long time?

==> Learn Their Love Language

In his groundbreaking book “The 5 Love Languages,” Dr. Gary Chapman reveals that different people receive and give love differently.

The five love languages are: Physical praise, quality time together, gifts, acts of service and physical touch.

Different people experience and give love differently. For example, if you’re the kind of person who enjoys physical touch, it may seem natural to you to give physical touch to show your love.

However, your partner may be more of an auditory person who likes to hear that they’re loved.

Unless you explore how each of you actually receives love, it’s entirely possible that each of you could be expressing love without the other person experiencing it.

Figure out your love language and talk about it with your partner.

==> The Romantic Spark

A romantic relationship isn’t just about love however. It’s also about spark, fire, heat, passion.

Keeping the man-woman attraction alive and strong after years in a relationship is often more challenging than keeping the love alive.

How do you keep your partner turned on, even after the initial honeymoon period?

Start with spontaneous kisses. Remember how in the beginning of your relationship you’d kiss and makeout at every chance you could get? Rekindle the fire by spontaneously kissing your partner again.

Do something outside the box. Something adventurous. For example, go for an unplanned weekend drive. Or go bungee jumping together. Get the adventurous spirit alive again.

Finally, ask your partner about his or her turnons. What would they want you to do that would really get them excited? Good communication extends to passion as well.

==> Time and Prioritization

One common mistake couples make is de-prioritizing their relationship.

In the beginning of the relationship, you’ll do anything to spend more time with the other person. But once the relationship becomes routine, it suddenly stops becoming a priority.

This shift usually happens over months. It can be very hard to notice as it’s happening. You wake up one day to find that spending time with your partner simply isn’t as important as it used to be.

If you want to keep the spark alive, that has to change. Your partner needs to be the priority in your life. Let him or her know that and deliberately plan to spend more time together.

These are a few ways to keep the spark, the passion and the connection alive in a relationship. Relationships often don’t steer themselves – If you want your relationship to thrive in the long run, it may take a bit of conscious effort. Use the tips above to keep the passions burning hot even after years being together.

Does An Unhealthy Mind And Body Mean You Have A Bad Relationship

Having an unhealthy body due to lack of exercise and poor eating habits can affect your life in many ways. Can it also affect your love life?

When you start a relationship with someone, you want it to last as long as possible. Establishing a healthy relationship can help you accomplish that. In order to have a strong relationship with somebody, you want to possess a healthy mind and body.

How do you make a relationship healthy and happy? A healthy mind is when you have a secure self-esteem and confidence about who you are and what you want out of life. A healthy mind gives you independence so that you trust in yourself to get things done and do not become co-dependent on your mate.

An unhealthy mind is when you have little or no self-esteem and no self-confidence. The lines of communicating become absent because you recede into your own world and just look to your mate for direction in your life, which puts a burden on your lover.

A healthy body, simply put, is when you take care of yourself. You make an effort to sustain a healthy weight and you care about your appearance and how you feel on a day-to-day basis. You do not smoke or drink or do anything that would induce damage to your body over time.

You exercise on a regular basis to keep your heart in tip-top condition and eat a sensible diet, splurging now and then as a reinforcement. Your attitude remains positive which makes your mate desire to spend time with you.

An unhealthy body is when you don’t take the time to exercise or care enough about yourself to take care of your body. You smoke or drink more than you should and let yourself go. You eat junk food most of the time and your waist is inflating.

Since you do not care about yourself, you do not try to work out or do things that would keep your heart strong. Your mental attitude is bad, causing your relationship collapse because your partner no longer wants to spend any time with you. You can’t fault him or her because if you can’t even love yourself, why should your partner?

Once your mind and body are in sync with each other, you can acquire a positive attitude, which keeps the line of communication going with your mate. It lets you to listen to them and helps you support them if they need it. You are more likely to do whatever it takes to keep your relationship in first-rate shape so that it continues to mature.

Top Reasons Relationship Depression Starts And How To Overcome It

Did you know that depression in a relationship is quite common? It usually means that something is wrong in the relationship that one or both people acknowledge but do not know how to change the problem. When depression in a relationship happens, it’s essential that it gets fixed or the relationship may completely dissolve. Many bad relationships are the cause behind relationship depression.

How Does Relationship Depression Start?

What causes depression in a relationship to begin? Actually, there are three main causes as to why relationship depression begins. They include:

(1) Letdown Feelings – Many times relationship depression begins when one person has been let down by their significant other. Their dreams have not been fulfilled and they no longer feel hopeful staying in the relationship.

(2) Loss of Control – It can also occur when one person is too controlling over the relationship. The person becoming depressed in the relationship has to do things a certain way including selection of clothes, cooking, cleaning the house, etc. Too much power is given to one person and the other feels insignificant. Thus relationship depression begins because the dominated person has no control over his or her own life.

(3) Pretending – Sometimes, when a relationship begins, people don’t act like themselves. They tend to hide who they are for fear of rejection or opening up. If you are like this, it’s likely that you feel that revealing who you really are will make your partner leave you. When you aren’t yourself, you lead yourself into a relationship depression. After all, the relationship is based on a lie and no one can lie about who they really are without becoming depressed.

You Can Stave Off Relationship Depression

A person who is depressed in a relationship will need considerable help getting over it. There are ways this can be done and it will take patience. If you know someone who is in a relationship depression, here are some things you can do.

First, be around for them. It’s important to be a friend and listen to them whenever they are ready to talk. They need to feel like someone is on their side so do so for them.

Second, help them out physically around the house. They don’t feel like doing much when they are depressed and this goes for chores too. Lend them a hand until they feel up to doing things once more.

Third, make sure they get up out of bed. While this may seem easy to you, when a person is suffering depression in a relationship, they are going to need a little extra push.

Fourth, remember to love them unconditionally, with no strings attached. It’s normal to feel frustrated by the relationship depression but they have to know that you are not upset with them by the situation, only about the situation itself.

Fifth, find some outside help. Often times, just talking about the problem that’s causing the relationship depression can help. Other times, people will need medication to overcome depression. Don’t be afraid to seek out help if you feel it goes beyond what you can do.

Pre-marriage Counselling Tips Find Positivity In Your Relationship

Couples who are going through a difficult period in their relationship should consider the support of a pre-marriage counsellor or marriage counsellor to help provide them with tools for managing their challenges.

Pre-marriage counselling and marriage counselling is a process of identifying, discussing and managing the challenges couples face. Both pre-marriage counselling and marriage counselling will help emphasize improvement in communication, help resolve conflict and build positive and mutually respectful relationships.

Marriage counsellors note that positivity is an important aspect to a healthy relationship. If you work to build positivity in your relationship it will be more successful. How can you find positivity in your relationship? Pre-marriage counsellors suggest you focus on gratitude, inspiration, curiosity and humour. Couples who set positive goals, concentrate on sharing fun and meaningful experiences together, promote each others growth and development and create satisfaction and intimacy have successful, fulfilling and long-lasting relationships.

Specifically, here are 5 easy tips marriage counsellors recommend to help you find positivity in your relationship:
1.Be grateful. It sounds too simple to be true, but saying thank you to your mate will let them know you are appreciative of them. Marriage counsellors suggest you try to show your gratitude for the small and large things that your mate does on a daily basis.
2.Be playful. Humour is important to positivity. Pre-marriage counsellors recommend that when you are playful, can joke around and have fun with your partner you will feel a greater sense of connectedness to each other.
3.Be Enthusiastic. When something goes well in your life or your partners life, be enthusiastic. Marriage counsellors suggest you ask questions, show your pleasure and support and respond to your partners success in a positive way. You and your partner will feel a greater sense of satisfaction in your relationship as a result.
4.Be supportive. Pre-marriage counsellors remind couples that offering support in small ways has a great impact on your partners mood. For example, if your partner is trying to get in shape, surprising them by cooking a healthy dinner while they are working out at the gym is a small gesture that really shows your support of their steps towards a healthier lifestyle.
5.Be physical. A small touch or a hug can go a long way in providing intimacy between you and your spouse. Marriage counsellors note that small, intimate gestures can help you and your partner feel a greater sense of connectedness.

Remember, if you are considering marriage or are having problems in your relationship and need help to resolve conflicts and improve communication a qualified pre-marriage counsellor, marriage counsellor or mental health professional can help.

Titlekey Sorting Out A Damaged Relationship By Evaluating Your Self

Blaming or going into denial will cause the relationship to slowly get even worse. Believing we had nothing to accomplish with the romantic relationship becoming broken seems easier, but there are lots of reasons and issues that aren’t resolved as to how it happened.

You need to begin searching at yourself to find out what went incorrect instead of shrugging it off. Know what went wrong and learn on how to repair it prior to it gets worse.

To get the right assist and perspective from the situation, its best that you study the ebook, ‘How to obtain your Lover Back’. Honesty is really important when it comes to asking yourself the questions.

No one in a relationship is ideal, so stop pretending points were. You have to admit your errors in order to being fixing the broken relationship. You should answer them for yourself.

Are you getting the relationship seriously, may be the first question the e-book asks. You should believe lengthy and difficult about it. Do your actions match your intentions? The solution lies in whether or not you are taking the time to find out and dig deeper by reading, How to Fix a Damaged Romantic relationship. Move on if you aren’t significant about fixing the broken romantic relationship. To shed light on how you have been behaving in a relationship, the e-book offers much more queries that will help.

“The Ex-Recovery Interactive Journal’ offers advice via the difficult emotions and thoughts that you may be dealing with. Understanding how to fix a broken relation is an exercise which will assist you to along with your actions. The journal helps you by giving you quizzes to determine where the problem is in the relationship.

Do you long for the answers to the question on the concern of how to fix a relationship?

Astrology Indicatations For Relationship Problems

There are many factors in astrology charts to analyze whether a marriage or romantic relationship is under enough planetary stress to warrant divorce or permanent breakup. Many times an astrologer will be asked the question whether or not a relationship will break up or get back together when the love life is having problems. How will you know if these factors are in your chart?

First look at the fate of the astrology chart and see if the individual has the qualities of long term relationship. These factors are seen with fixed signs, Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio with the personal planets, especially the Sun, Moon, Venus, and the ascendant. The next is to determine if the ruler of the 7th house of marriage and partnership is a planet in a fixed sign, and whether or not it is afflicted.

If the planet is afflicted it indicates more complications with love life and long term partnership. Your role as an astrologer is to also determine the health of Venus, the planet of love, and whether or not it is afflicted.

An affliction can be determined when there are difficult aspects to the planet you are looking at, in this case the planet that rules the seventh house and Venus. If your Venus is connected with Uranus, Saturn, Neptune or Pluto that lends a quality to the relationship that could cause certain problems in relationships when Venus undergoes stress.

The next step the astrologer will take is to determine what the astrology whether forecast is. That is to say what are the upcoming transits to your Venus and the ruler of your house of partnership. If there are difficult transits to your Venus your astrologer will be able to tell you how long they will go on, what appears to be out of balance, and what the astrology is indicating that you need to address in order to bring peace and harmony back into your love life.

In most circumstances the astrological time tables for difficult transits are usually eighteen months, with three times prominent for a month at a time of transition times to change patterns so you will be happier. Sometimes this is a permanent break up and sometimes it is a difficult phase in the relationship as you work through issues.

Astrology can help you know when these time frames are, whether or not the compatibility between you and your lover is strong enough to whether the astrological factors, and what you can do to respect the change needed from within.

When you learn astrology and become your own astrologer you have the tools and wisdom needed to understand difficult phases in life and how best to work with the energy of the planets to have the life you want.

Ex Girlfriend Back Quick Tips That Will Guarantee A Robust Relationship

After a break up, most individuals wish to know easy methods to get your ex girlfriend back. While it’s pure to feel panic at the prospects of shedding the girlfriend, you have to be careful to avoid making some frequent mistakes.

Never blame her for anything she might have accomplished to you. Take some duty on your actions and concentrate on areas the place you may approve. Was it one thing such as you the place easy to anger or you could not management your temper? It may be a good idea to enroll in some lessons to handle this.

Yeah, I do know what you’re pondering, but do you really want the connection that you simply had again, or you need a better relationship along with her while you get her back? If you happen to ask me, I would say you want your love back, you want the person who was your girlfriend back, you want to be together again with her but I actually do not think you need the same relationship back.

Before we continue, ask your self, do I really need to win my girlfriend back, or should I be getting over her? OK, now that we have establish what you need to really do, let’s discover the ways to win your ex back. We will explore a few methods on the right way to get your ex girlfriend back. I will present you the right way to win your ex again with out making your self look weak and wussy.

Do not…I repeat…Don’t start an argument with your ex. Simply tell her how you truthfully really feel and let her do the same. You could be surprise about how a lot you guys don’t learn about each other. But Wait. We don’t even know if you happen to can even get your ex girlfriend back

After all that, I used to be able to slowly get her back. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. In the event you’re serious about getting your ex again, that you must see the last word process to getting them back. Observe the hyperlink below to see this process.

You might find out there was a misunderstanding that cause things to get out of hand. In that case I can understand you being depressing and wanting to sort things and get your ex girlfriend back. I know that you may want the finest or sexiest individual to make others jealous or to need you back. Nevertheless seems to be are under rated when you must lose your self-respect.

To get your ex girlfriend back, requires persistence, because the worst factor you can do is be a push over, hasty nut head or a wuss. Girls hate wuss, and I don’t care how much feelings you still have for her, you have to look sturdy and in control.

Are You In A One-sided Relationship – Are You Still You After All This Time

While some people can immediately identify a person with whom they would never be compatible, many suffer from low self-esteem and end up changing their own personalities, wants and actions to fit their partner. It is true that almost any successful relationship requires a certain amount of flexibility and compromise; but if a person is required to alter themselves greatly in order to maintain the relationship often something is wrong. The changes that occur in many of these cases can be so subtle and over such a great length of time, that often the people changing are unaware of how different they have become.
In order to understand how a person can be involved in such a relationship, it is important to remember that many of the people who experience this had a problem before the relationship began:

Insecurity: Many people in our society suffer from one form of insecurity or another; abnormal physical traits; lack of proper education; difficulty with communication and poor support network are just a few of the causes of such feelings. In order to have a strong enough sense of self that a person would never allow themselves to be overhauled by another person they must, for the most part, like who they are. The image that many people have of themselves is a very poor one and this makes it easy for others to prey upon their weakness. Unfortunately, in many cases, the addition of a stronger partner allows the more insecure person to hang all of their self esteem on the fact that their partner would have them; this is not a healthy way to depend on another person for support and in most cases will lead to disaster as it does not usually help to create strength and confidence.

Psychological Damage: A problem that often stems from an abusive relationship, a damaged psyche makes for an excellent weakness for others to prey on. We have heard this referenced many times in society by referring to the ugly duckling syndrome i.e. a person who once thought of them self as unattractive and became so used to dealing with this poor self image that when they became more attractive, by society’s standards, they did not act in the normal way an attractive person would. This by many people’s definition is an attractive person who retains a poor self image; therefore the person will have lower standards when it comes to dating. Many different types of trauma can cause a person to feel unworthy of attention and react in an unhealthy way when it received; this makes a perfect breeding ground for people who are looking for a person that they can control in a relationship; because they lack the self esteem to refuse.

Not all one-sided relationships are obvious or extreme, in fact more often the problems are numerous but very subtle. This can create an underlying feeling that something is wrong with the relationship, though many people struggle to understand exactly what that problem is. There are a few large and regular parts of relationships that are reoccurring and therefore when dominated can create an ongoing problem:

Where you live: In relationships where one person is dominant evidence of this imbalance can be seen in the home they share. The more dominant person will often choose everything from wall paint to major appliances; none of which seem to reflect the weaker person’s personality. To assume that dcor is an indication of such a relationship would not be completely accurate as in some cases one person does not have strong feelings about their belongings; however even those with little or no interest often have some reflection of their personality in their home.

What you do: Often in a one-sided relationship most or all of the activities the couple participates in revolve around one person. This allows for even greater destruction of the original, weaker partner and ultimately a great path to depression. Enduring this kind of change is difficult because not only does the weaker partner watch their own interests dissolve; but often they do not feel as close to the person they love as they cannot share their true desires with them.

Conversation: Whether you’re out with friends or staying at home in a relationship of this kind one partner rarely communicates what they are thinking or feeling. Often friends or relatives will notice when these changes occur because they can see a person retreating not just into themselves, but into their partner’s thoughts and feelings. Often the weaker partner will only speak when discussing issues that their partner finds interesting, giving up entirely on what they once find enjoyable or exciting.
If you have felt that any of these situations apply to your own relationship review this quick checklist to see some of the most typical points of view from those who observe this kind of behavior:

1.I always or often speak only about the things my partner is interested in.
2.I always or often only talk about my partner.
3.All or most of the things I do for fun I do with my partner.
4.All or most of things I do for fun are because of my partner.
5.If I look around my home I see little or no sign of my own taste.
6.When spending money on frivolous items they are usually for my partner.
7.My partner does most of the talking when we are together.
8.I do not often tell my partner how I feel.
9.My partner does not usually notice when something is bothering me.
10.My partner never or does not often compliment me.
11.I never feel happy/I only feel happy when my partner is giving me attention.
12.I have little or no interests outside of my relationship.
13.My partner does not often or never gives me gifts that are only for me.
14.My friends and/or family think that I have changed a lot since entering my relationship for the worse.
15.My other relationships have weakened since entering the one with my partner.
16.When asked what I want I usually look at my partner.
17.I no longer resemble who I was when I met my partner.
18.I tend to think of my partner before I ever think of myself.
19.I dress in the way my partner prefers even if I do not.
20.I no longer know what makes me, me.

If you find that any of these statements are true it might be a sign that either you need change your relationship, or you need to break it off. Enduring this kind of life is not healthy nor does it have much of a chance of making you happy. It is possible that your partner did not mean to become the dominant presence in your relationship and if brought to their attention they might be eager to help you become a stronger person. There are many different ways in which a person who finds themselves in this situation can change things, try to figure out what works best for you and take the necessary steps to make your life better.

Trust those who know you best: Outside of your relationship it is good to have at least one person with whom you can be honest and trust completely. Asking this person how they view your relationship and the changes that have occurred during the time you’ve been in it can be an excellent way to gain the insight required for change.

Perfection Reflection: Write down what you believe the basics are for an ideal relationship and see how they compare with your current one. Though no relationship is perfect and they often take a great deal of work, this should be equally divided amongst both people, not hoisted onto one.

Self Image: Begin an activity or project that has nothing to do with your partner, but is something that you are interested in. As this interest grows in something outside of your relationship you might find a little of the old you returns. Learn to like who you are and the wonderful qualities that make you unique; this may be difficult at first and might even require some changing (again,) but in the end you must be able to like yourself if you hope to remain who are.

Speak with your partner about how you feel: Whether or not you believe you can make your relationship work it is often helpful to tell your partner how you feel about the situation. Though you might not find the support you hoped for it is advisable to know where you partner stands on making you happy. Give your partner the opportunity to help you feel better about yourself and your relationship, or the very least know that they are a large part of how you ended up feeling the way that you do.

Without taking steps to reconstruct yourself in happier, healthier way you may never be able to enjoy life in or out of your relationship. Though it can be difficult to muster the courage to change your life, the knowledge that a happier you could exist might give you the strength need to take action. Good luck and much strength to all of you who are brave enough to take on the challenge.

A Relationship Coachs Point Of View

If you are searching for a partner or you are in a relationship at this time that could require some polishing in order to flourish, a relationship coach can offer positive changes!

One of the most popularly coached techniques of relationship coaching is the Thomas Leonard Attraction Program, which was created by one of the founders of modern day coaching. Numerous coaches just like me have adapted it into a singular and holistic coaching program for anyone searching for that special someone, or to improve a current, committed relationship.

Relationship coaches are able to provide a number of tools in for better communication, interpreting, and familiarity. By using the most current mind-body-emotions-spirit tools of neuro-language planning and emotional freedom method, Silva Mind Control and additional tools, we help couples to get over resentments as well as the release of the emotional baggage that often clouds many relationships.

Let’s take a look at these two categories and how holistic relationship coaching might be beneficial:
1. Searching for a partner (Holistic Relationship Attraction).
2. Developing a current love relationship.

Many people claim that they are looking for love and that they desire to find the right person for them. The truth of the matter is that finding and having successful relationships is much more about YOU BE-ing the right person. In being the best you that you can be, you become far more appealing to those you aspire to meet in your life.

Many people are looking for that complete match and they think that once they find him or her, life will immediately become all better (ex/. happily ever after). They attempt to use online matchmaking services and personal ads or attend parties and maybe even bars and nightclubs.

When you think about all of the things that you are DO-ing in order to meet the right person, you would be more successful concentrating on developing the inner you and your BE-ing. When you prosper on the inside, with or without a partner you become much more attractive. In your own way you are making your own charismatic and energetic field of attraction to those people and opportunities you want to attract into your life. When your concentration looks inside to ways of improving who you ARE, those you wish to draw will find you with ease.

You have most probably experienced going into a room and having a variety of reactions to the different people there. You are mindful of what its like to experience a good vibe and you only want to be around those with good vibes. We think it’s about physical attributes but in reality, there is more going on than meets the eye.

The target of holistic relationship attraction coaching is to look at and fine tune all facets of who you are including mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic components. All of these characteristics of how you determine your vibe and decide how attractive you really are to others.

Holistic relationship attraction coaching is NOT about teaching you how to write personal ads or to tell you where to begin meeting new people. It is about taking a good, hard look at who you are and being able to grow and blossom in being the best you can be. You will naturally pull in compatible and wonderful people when you do this.

You can benefit from relationship coaching even if you are in an existing relationship. A gardener feeds, weeds and tends to his or her garden with patience, care and love. Even the most beautiful of gardens have weeds growing here and there and require maintenance. A good and natural gardener is attentive, recognizes changes and potential issues and is pro-active in prevention.

Gardening is always a continuous effort and not a single event. A relationship – a good one – needs the same type of continuous gardening. So, holistic relationship gardening provides clients with tools and processes with which to heal a troubled relationship. Once a relationship is improved these tools can be used to help to keep it healthy, strong and flourishing.

In a good number of relationships, communication or lack of communication and unlikely expectations are 90% of the problem. Relationship coaching provides people with plans of action and the tools they need in order to be able to deal with these challenges.

Some individuals may find that they want coaching but their mate is not open to coaching. It is still doable to make a relationship better by working on your own challenges, issues and flaws.

(Notice: helping a poor relationship because serious issues of physical or verbal abuse, rage and anger problems are likely beyond coaching and need a marriage and family therapist with specific expertise in this area.)

Why Women Sabotage A Good Relationship

It’s not uncommon for a woman to find that she has sabotaged a good relationship. If you have done this yourself in the past, then you might be wondering why that is and what you can do to change it so that it does not happen to you in your future. Sabotaging a relationship is actually pretty common and it’s not exclusive to women, though it does tend to happen a little more frequently to females than it does males. It’s not easy to try and have a relationship with someone else, and no one gives you a map or a blueprint on exactly what you need to do to make a relationship work, do they?

There are many possibilities for why someone might sabotage a relationship and we will get to a few of them in a moment. Before that, though, you want to remind yourself that you DO deserve to have a good relationship and there is no reason why that cannot happen. With the right mindset about dating, you can end up having exactly the kind of situation that you desire to have in your life.

Here are some reasons why a woman might sabotage a good relationship:

1) You feel like it is too good to be true.

There is no question that we live in a cynical world. We expect that bad things are going to happen and when they don’t.. we often wait around for the inevitable shoe to drop. You might feel as though you really do not deserve to be happy and that can cause you to expect that bad things are going to pop up. If this is the case, then you need to train yourself to think a little more positive when it comes to dating and expect that good things will happen to you and that there is no such thing as too good to be true when the situation is RIGHT.

2) You’ve learned this behavior from someone else.

Growing up, we look at other people in our lives to give us the direction and examples of what a relationship should be like. If you have modeled yourself after someone else who was always sabotaging their relationships, then it is no wonder why this seems to happen to you. This is a cycle that you CAN break, things can change, and you can learn a better way. You really do not have to stay stuck in this pattern forever.

3) Most of your relationships have been bad, so this is what you expect to happen.

If you are used to ending up with the wrong guy, with making the wrong decision about dating, then it might be the reason why you would sabotage a good relationship. We tend to live up to our own expectations, and if you expect that the relationship is going to turn sour, then it only stands to reason that you will find a way to make it happen. This is another cycle that can easily be broken.