Should we get married in summer or winter?

You’ve just gotten engaged and now it’s time to start the decision-making process. One of the biggest decisions you need to make is whether you should get married during the summer or winter months. Part of you loves the idea of having your wedding during the summer, perfect for outdoor weddings. On the flip side, there’s nothing quite like a winter wedding. Picture lots of candlelight, perhaps a light dusting of snow, creating the perfect window wonderland for your special day. You’ll also need to consider if you’re going to have a formal wedding or civil marriage with a notary civil marriage officiant (a lot less complicated to plan).

Summer Weddings

Getting married during the summer is definitely going to be more expensive. On the other hand, you’ll find that your flowers will be less expensive because they are in full bloom and readily available during the summer months. (June, July and August)

Winter Weddings

Wedding venues and vendors are typically not as busy during the winter months. This means they will be more prone to offer special rates to get the business. Your chances of finding the venue of your dreams is more likely as well. You’ll also make it easier or your guests to find good accommodations more readily. Another benefit is that, unless you choose Boxing Day or Christmas for your wedding day, more guests are likely to attend for obvious reasons.

Hassle Free Wedding Officiant Options

Having a civil marriage with a notary marriage officiant( “Notaire – célébrant de mariage civil” in French language) comes with several benefits including that it is an affordable option. Civil weddings are also a more convenient option and can be celebrated in one of the officiant’s celebration facilities or the venue of your choice. Notary marriage officiants will also work in with the priest, clergy, imam, etc. performing your civil marriage, complimenting your religious union.